Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers whacks Hazel O’Sullivan in the eye with a cucumber and then puts her foot in it “It was a bit like how Daley felt”



One would think that when one has been in trouble multiple times for letting one’s gob run away with them, one would think twice about opening said gob… but not Charlie! She definitely has the gift of the gab.

As we all know by now, good ol’ Charlie Travers doesn’t put that brain of hers in gear before she opens her mouth, she lets whatever she is thinking just roll off her tongue and in true Travers’ style, she puts her foot in it again with Hazel on tonight’s show… this is AFTER whacking Hazel in the eye with a cucumber! EEP!

Some of the housemates are playing with food in the kitchen, in which Hazel tries to put a cucumber in Charlie’s mouth. Charlie fights back but ends up whacking Hazel in the eye with the cucumber they were messing about with.

Hazel, with a sore eye, sits down next to Callum in which she says: “I think it’s just the drink, she was getting a bit aggressive”.

Callum leaps to Charlie’s defense: “There was no malice there”.

Hazel is then called to the Diary Room by Big Brother to see if she is okay, in which she replies: “My eye is ok. I think Charlie is a little bit drunk. I’m OK!”

charlie travers, big brother 2013

Upon leaving the Diary Room and going to the bedroom, Charlie manages to put her foot in it once again, but by the time she’s realized she’s brought Daley into the situation, it’s just too late!

Charlie says: “It was a bit like how Daley felt… actually, nothing to do with that”.

Hazel whom is beginning to steam, replies: “What do you mean like the Daley thing? ‘cause I was called to the Diary Room”?

Charlie tries to take back what she said: “Actually, it’s not at all like that, I stopped my point…”

“That’s pretty harsh Charls” Hazel tells her.

Hazel leaves for the living room, in which Charlie follows her and just adds fuel to fire – that’s already an inferno.

Charlie says: “The Daley situation was unintentional… so as soon as I said that, I stopped my mouth”.

Hazel retorts: “Why don’t you think about what you say, before you say it?”

Charlie tells her: “You called it aggression, you told Callum”.

hazel o'sullivan

Hazel asks: “When did I say aggression?” Callum backs Charlie up at this point. Hazel continues: “Oh well, tit for tat when Charlie. Seriously, you need to think because you say things. I’m really sober here and you are really drunk, I’m not going to argue now”.

Charlie, finally having something to defend herself with shouts: “Hazel you used the word aggressive. I don’t like the fact that someone said to me behind my back that I was aggressive”.

Hazel replies: “I give up; you need to think before you speak, that’s all I’m saying”, before walking off.

Oh dear…

Big Brother continues this evening at 9pm on Channel 5/HD.

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