Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie grovels in first interview “I let the show get the better of me” and he “deeply regrets” his actions; but lack of food, sleep and too much alcohol fuelled situation


This evening, Emma Willis had the first exclusive interview with Daley Ojuederie outside of the Big Brother house on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.

During the interview, a visibly upset Daley continually stated that he let the show get the better of him, he let Big Brother beat him. It doesn’t seem he is too fond of Hazel anymore and has COMPLETELY changed his tune about her in the 24 hours he has been out of the house.

Of course, yesterday it was revealed that Daley had been removed from the Big Brother house due to “threatening and aggressive” behaviour towards Hazel O’Sullivan on Sunday evening.

As we reported yesterday, on Sunday evening the pair were “play-fighting” in the safe house, but things began to get physical when Hazel removed Daley’s covers and would not give them back to Daley.

Things got a tad out of hand when Daley slapped Hazel’s bum, which she wasn’t best pleased about. Hazel was also seen pulling down Daley’s shorts and also slapped his behind. Daley then told Hazel that she wouldn’t like it if he got mad – he was also seen clasping his hands around her neck and pinning her down on the bed by her arms.

In his first exclusive interview with Emma Willis, he said that Sunday night’s events were fuelled by lack of food, lack of sleep and too much alcohol – he continually said that he let the show beat him, he let Big Brother get the better of him.

When asked by Emma if he had managed to watch the footage back yet, he said: “Yes and first of all I want to say that if I came across offensive to any women out there then I’m sorry because I’m not malicious and I would never ever do anything to a women or disrespect a woman in that way, things got out of hand and I take full responsibility and I shouldn’t have taken it to that level.”

He added that when he was removed from the house, he couldn’t understand why, but after watching the footage back and having time to calm down, he now understands that he “got caught up in the moment”, adding he deeply regrets his actions.

When asked for his version of events and what he thought happened that night, he said: “I was hungry all day, I had little to eat and I am a lightweight as I am an athlete.

“I didn’t really drink in there in the beginning – I didn’t drink all that much, but I felt like I wasn’t with the group if I wasn’t drinking with them and then it became an everyday thing.

“That incident that night, obviously I had four glasses of alcohol and then two bottles of champagne. I was tired that night and I just wanted to sleep and it escalated from there and it was all a play-fight and a joke. I would never do anything to a woman, ever!”

He added: “When you are locked up in there 24/7, it’s hard. I let the show get the better of me and it changed me”.

Emma went on to question Daley’s feelings towards Hazel now, in which he retorted: “I don’t think it’s right to comment. I want people to make their minds up about her and judge what they see. If I am in the wrong, I am sorry. I don’t want to waste my breath on chatting her name. Let everyone decide what they think of her, I’m here to apologise and do the right thing”.

“There were loads of times in there when I had deep conversations with Hazel saying ‘Listen, we’ve crossed the line now’. I asked her ‘tell me now, be straight me as a woman, am I crossing the line?’ She was like ‘No, you’re not, you’re doing nothing wrong’. In my part I carried it on when I shouldn’t have. I should have listened to Dexter and took his advice,” he explained.

Moving on to speak about Katie, his girlfriend before entering the show, he said: “She knows I love her, I’ve explained everything but I don’t want to try and explain too much as I don’t want it to come across as though I’m begging for her back as I don’t deserve for her to even speak to me again, so who am I to even try to beg for her back. I’ve explained what happened, what I did wrong and sometimes you have to be a man and own up to what you have done”.

Daley finally added that as a man, he must take full responsibility for what he did, stating things got out of hand.

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So, it seems Daley put Sunday night down to being tired, being tipsy and letting the show get the better of him.

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