Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie & Hazel O’Sullivan turn counsellors as Callum Knell breaks down! (VIDEO)

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Callum Knell sobbed and cried and was generally feeling rather sorry for himself in the Big Brother house last night.

The hunk has been facing rather a large image issue in the house of late and somehow, as Dexter Koh has managed to ingratiate himself with the group, Cal has fallen out of favour with his fellow housemates and has attracted a lot of criticism of late.

Jackie Travers, Charlie Travers, Sophie Lawrence and Dan Neal bitched about him yesterday, claiming that his behaviour always changes and that he isn’t showing his true self to the group.

Sophie said: “I think … he’s trying to be the geezer, but he’s not, he’s really not.”

Later in the evening Knell tried to have a heart to heart with Charlie – who he has previously admitted to fancying – but that didn’t end well either and she was brutally honest with him about her feelings.

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Two people that do appear to have remained loyal to Cal are safe house residents Daley Ojuederie and Hazel O’Sullivan and yesterday they comforted their pal as he wept in the garden.

He appeared to be less than sober but Daley told him:

“All it is is that people find it hard to get you. I’ve been through that with every woman I’ve been with bruv. They find it hard to get me. When you understand yourself then you can project that out onto everyone else and then finally they will understand you.”

He told Knell to open up and be himself adding:

“Everyone is going to keep being confused about who you are, until you start being honest about who you are.”

“You’re not a bad guy bruv, stop putting yourself down…”

callum, daley, big brother 2013

Callum just wants people to like him and he told the professional boxer:

“I want to be around people and just part of the group. It’s bigger than charlie and everything.”

“She [Charlie] needs to know that it wasn’t just a ‘Charlie doesn’t like me’ thing. It’s bigger….it just set me off a little bit”

If there was a silver lining though, he did get rather a long cuddle off Irish model Hazel, so it wasn’t all bad. Watch the video and leave your comments below…

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