Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie reprimanded over slapping Hazel O’Sullivan (VIDEO)

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Daley Ojuederie was given a bit of a dressing down by Big Brother in the early hours of this morning, after he slapped fellow housemate Hazel O’Sullivan.

The professional boxer is currently living with the Irish model in the BB safe house and it’s fair to say that they are friendlier than they have ever been.

The pair’s time in their private residence has been full of flirting and suggestive behaviour and it continued last night as they tried to go to sleep in separate beds.

The pair were a little tipsy, after a night of drinking and fuelled by the alcohol they flirted and fought over some duvets.

The duo got physical during a pillow fight, after Hazel refused to let Daley sleep and confiscated his bedding.

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She taunted and teased him and responded by slapping her on the bum and while she branded him “rude” and told him “You can’t slap my arse like that….Don’t do that again because it hurt!”, O’Sullivan really didn’t sound very upset. In fact she still refused to give him back his duvet and standing over her, the hunk warned:

“Do you want me to get mad? Remember what I said? When I go mad it gets scary.”

However BB bosses weren’t happy with the behaviour and called Daley to the Diary Room to warn him about his behaviour and actions. They told him to tone things down, but he complained:

“All I wanted was my blankets back”.

While viewers were responsible for voting Daley and Hazel into the safe house, some people still aren’t fans of the pair and one tweeted last night with an idea of how to make the couple pay for breaking Daley’s girlfriend’s heart.

Katie Corriette was interviewed for BBBOTS last week and broke down as she spoke about the humiliation she has suffered at the hands of the love up pair and one viewer suggested:

“I actually wish they will show @KatieCorriette interview to the house.. #BBUK while Daley and Hazel are in the safe house”

Former BB housemate Luke Anderson said:

“I think it’s pretty disgusting that BB has paired up Daley and Hazel for the #Safehouse might as well watch a public execution”

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