Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal confronts Hazel O’Sullivan about Daley Ojuederie attraction

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On last night’s Bg Brother show fans were introduced to the possibility that things could be about to get romantic between Hazel O’Sullivan and Daley Ojuederie.

The professional boxer has a long term girlfriend on the outside and while he insists that he intends to remain faithful to her, it’s very much looking like things are progressing beyond the friendship stage between him and the Irish model inside the BB house.

In a heart to heart with Charlie Travers this week, the hunk admitted that he is aware how badly his flirting with the brunette beauty could look to those on the outside and he knows he is jeopardising his relationship by spending so much time with Hazel, however he couldn’t help but admit that ‘Me and Hazel are close,’ before adding that he shared a ‘deep’ bond with the Dublin born wannabe.

Daley did hint that he would remain celibate while in the Big Brother house though and told Charlie:

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‘Even though I might not have a girlfriend when I get out I’m not going to f*** it up.’

However, Dan’s not so sure the pair will be able to manage to stay away from one another and while Daley was opening his heart to Charlie, he took the opportunity to speak to Hazel about her feelings.

The former police officer thinks O’Sullivan may have more feelings for Daley than she’s admitting and he told her:

He said: ‘I see something there.’

Neal added:

‘My observation is that maybe there’s a little bit of an attraction there.’

We can see why he might think that as earlier in the episode Hazel got rather touchy feely with Ojuederie, as she watched him get dressed and lovingly smoothed out the wrinkles in his shirt.

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They have been getting more and more tactile in recent days and have cuddled and petted a lot for two people who are supposed to be nothing more than platonic friends.

Charlie and Dan are keen to avoid letting them make any mistakes they’ll regret though and last night they joined them for a drunken cuddle in bed.

Do you think Daley and Hazel will end up as more than friends? Leave your comments below….

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