Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal thinks it’s Hazel O’Sullivan’s “time to go” and Gina Rio says she will “never trust her”

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It’s that time of the week again when the impending eviction plays on everyone’s mind but it seems Irish beauty Hazel O’Sullivan is the topic of conversation among many housemates.

Ex-copper Dan Neal thinks it’s Hazel’s “time to go” and Gina Rio says she will “never trust” Hazel again as she “obviously has a game plan”.

In the Diary Room, Gina told Big Brother: “I feel that she has changed this week a little bit quieter and not herself. You know when someone starts a conversation with you and you can tell that they are sincere and just nice. But with her I don’t see, ‘wow you’re evil inside, what is our next game plan? What is your next thing going to be? I am quite scared’. She obviously has a game plan and she is trying to suck me in but I am not stupid.

“Someone that has been really nasty about me and I have seen how nasty she can be about me. I will never trust her”.

Meanwhile, Dan has told Big Brother that he thinks Hazel should be given the boot tonight as another week in the house will only mess her up some more.


“I think Hazel will go tomorrow, I think she should go…” he told Big Brother “Another week in here and she will worry again more about what the public are thinking, whereas she can get out and know why people are thinking what they are thinking and deal with it… I think it is time for her to go. If Hazel goes and I stay, which I will be hopefully, unless there is some nasty twist… but you are not going to do a twist like that… I might not really be immune, but if I am immune like you say I am, which should be true because I have been told not to think about theories. I will miss her, but I will be fine”.

Big Brother continues this evening at 9pm on Channel 5/HD.

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