Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh admits £1 million gambling addiction – Dan Neal & Hazel O’Sullivan think Callum Knell is ‘too nice’

Dexter reacts to the nominations.

Dexter Koh has revealed that he has lost £1 million in the last few years due to a gambling addiction.

The celebrity publicist is best known for spending more than £100,000 in one night on champagne and drinks in a London club but it seems that isn’t close to being the biggest amount he had frittered away of late.

In scenes to air on Big Brother tonight, the celebrity publicist tells Gina Rio that he has sought help and attended meetings with Gamblers Anonymous, before realising that his problems stem from self confidence issues and loneliness.

He tells the London IT girl:

“I would probably say [I’ve lost] £1million.”

“I went to GA and that was f**king awful listening to people, listening to everyone’s stories made me realise what an absolute w****r I was being…..It’s mainly because of loneliness.”

dexter koh

However if he wants to make friends and ingratiate himself in the house, Dexter may need to change his tactics and sharpish!

He gets a bit sleazy with Jemima Slade this evening and she later complains to Irish model to Hazel O’Sullivan that Koh had told her he imagined her being “really dominant in bed”.

“Do you know he was asking me what I’m like in bed? And then he said to me, ‘oh I bet you’re really dominant in bed,’” Jemima complains.

She adds: “He said ‘I bet you’re really sexual’. And I said you know what, I said, you’ll never know.”

Another man who may need to rethink his game plan is Callum Knell as his constant helpfulness and accommodating behaviour is also raising suspicions.

callum knell big brother

Former police officer Dan tells Hazel tonight:

“There’s something awkward, you get it don’t you.”

He continues:

“Pretty much everyone’s had a down moment, but he’s always just so nice, maybe he’s just.”

Hazel admits:

“He’s overly, overly…..Hmmmm I’ve never thought of that.”

Neal adds:

“I think he’s properly playing it too safe in my opinion.”

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 10pm

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