Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh and Gina Rio ramp up the bitching in the Secret House! They’re not fans of Hazel and Callum! (VIDEO)

dexter, gina, callum, big brother 2013

As fans of Big Brother will know, Dexter Koh and Gina Rio were last night sent into a ‘secret’ house within the BB compound, and within minutes of arriving in their plush new digs, Gina and Dexter – who’ve been dubbed Ginxter on Twitter – kicked off their spying bitchfest…

And it seems among those most targeted by the duo are Hazel O’Sullivan and Callum Knell, who have been irritating the safe-house dwellers to distraction.

However, twin Joe Glenny also came in for a tongue lashing from Gina who said of him and his brother Jack, “I think Jack’s more genuine, Joe is just a monster.”

Quite what he’d done to be branded a monster is anybody’s guess, but we’ll no doubt find out in tonight’s Channel 5 highlights show.

But of Dexter and Gina’s annoyance with Hazel and Callum, that kicked off when Gina saw the Irish model “double dipping” her spoon into a bowl of food that was being shared by all the housemates.

gina, hazel, big brother 2013

After branding her actions as “disgusting”, Gina then turned her fabulous vitriol to Callum, and Dexter willingly joined in, and even devised a game of Let’s Think Up A Nickname for the ever-so-nice housemate…

According to Big Brother’s live Twitter feed, among the most favoured of Dexter’s suggestions was “Lurch” and “Mr Nice Try.”

And as Gina proffered a few of her own that were somewhat less publishable, when she spotted Callum mooning around Charlie Travers, she ranted, “Oh my God! He just doesn’t leave her alone!”

As mentioned, we’ll see all the action from the secret safe house in tonight’s highlights show, but as we speak, Dexter and Gina are enjoying a full English breakfast while watching BB wake the other housemates.

What do you think of the safe house twist so far? For now, here’s a look at the latest house action…



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