Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh cries over Daley Ojuederie’s removal but Hazel O’Sullivan admits she was ‘terrified’

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The housemates were in a state of shock last night when it was revealed that Daley Ojuederie had been removed from the Big Brother house.

The professional boxer was eliminated from the Channel 5 reality TV show after he behaved aggressively towards Hazel O’Sullivan by grabbing her neck, threatening to ‘nut’ her and pinning her to the bed by her arms.

Of course all this took place in the BB safe house while Hazel and Daley were alone so when the news was broken about his removal due to serious ‘rule breaking’ the group were baffled and at first, refused to believe what they were being told.

Sophie Lawrence was sure it was a hoax and that the hunk would be back in a few days time and Dexter Koh broke down in tears when he realised his pal was gone for good.

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The London sugar daddy wept:

“He didn’t desevre to go like that, he should have gone out the front door. He deserved to go out the front door. If anyone should have left, I should, if I could swap with him I would.”

Charlie Travers was of the same opinion and admitted:

“He was one of the people I wanted to win.”

At first Hazel tried to feign ignorance and insisted that she had no idea why Daley had been removed, which was of course a blatant lie. She later admitted that they had both been involved in an incident but told her fellow housemates that she was “disappointed” in the harsh punishment BB had enforced.

She didn’t think Ojuederie deserved to go and admitted:

“I just can’t believed that this got him kicked out!”

However she added: “I was scared though, I was terrified.”


Hazel may see herself as the innocent victim in all this but last night, as he was leaving the BB house Daley blasted the Irish model, insisting she is ‘devious’ and a ‘liar.’

He claimed that after telling Big Brother she was intimidated by him, she climbed back into his bed for cuddles.

Watch Daley’s eviction and tell us if you think BB did the right thing in the comments section below….

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