Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh reckons Callum Knell should face Sexual Harassment lawsuit and housemates react to Callum’s departure


Dating coach Dexter Koh reckons Callum Knell should face a Sexual Harassment lawsuit now he is on the outside world due to his behaviour on the show.

As part of last week’s shopping task, both Callum and BFF Sam Evans had to be repeatedly spray tanned by two beauticians who had come into the house to carry out the task.

However, Callm repeatedly tried it on with the beauticians, even chasing them to give them a hug and to kiss them both on the cheek, despite them clearly not wanting to get close to him.

Both Dexter and Hazel O’Sullivan think that he went too far with his banter toward the two girls as well.

Irish Model Hazel said: “You should never do that! She was having none of it.”

Dexter added: “I’d be expecting a lawsuit when you get out of here”.

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Meanwhile, Sam was clearly upset upon Callum being evicted during last night’s sixth eviction.

His fellow housemates tried to comfort him, in which Charlie asked if he was okay and he said: “I’m fine”.

Hazel added: “It’s hard to lose your best mate in the house, it was Dan last week”.

Charlie threw her two pennies worth in: “I thought it was Dexter or Hazel, I have to say”

In the garden a short time after the eviction, Hazel said: “I think if it was ever going to come down to anything, it would have just been me and you [Dexter]”.

Dexter replied: “I thought it was going to be between me and Callum, that’s what I said all week”.

Hazel said: “I didn’t see that coming, I’m not going to lie. I don’t think it comes down to one thing, I think people’s actions lead people to dislike them. You can’t do one thing and people be like ‘Oh actually, I’ll pick Callum over Hazel’.”

Charlie told Hazel: “I don’t think it was a case of him over you, I just think it was a cumulative over the week really”.

Gina and Callum.

The conversation then turned to the conversation that Sam had with Dexter in the bedroom the other night, in which he said Dexter knows how to push Callum’s buttons and that Dexter was being manipulative toward Callum.

It didn’t go down too well with Gina as she said in he garden last night that she thought Callum was “unloyal”.

Big Brother continues this evening at 10PM on Channel 5/HD.

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