Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh grovels his feelings for Irish beauty Hazel O’Sullivan, he even DOUBTS his outside relationship

Dexter upset.


Ohhhh there’s a pimp on the prowl as Dexter has revealed that he has feelings for Big Brother beauty, Hazel O’Sullivan. However, to say he’s a pimp and he teaches men how to get women, he didn’t half dance around the bloody houses.

Hazel, Dexter and the twins were talking in the kitchen last night, in which Dexter revealed he never thought someone “like Hazel” would enter the house. When she did, it made him doubt his relationship on the outside world. I’m just glad it isn’t Sam having his winkie expanding this time…

As viewers of the show will know, the cock-sure pimp revealed the other night that his girlfriend has given him a “hall pass” whilst in the house, so if he found someone he really connected with, he wouldn’t be against it.

Six days in and he’s already grovelling that he wants a piece of Hazel O’Sullivan but somehow, we don’t think it’s going to happen.

hazel o sullivan

In the kitchen with Hazel and the twins last night, Dexter said: “No look, I didn’t think someone like Hazel would come down those stairs to be honest with you, and you know it has… 2 days ago it made me doubt, doubt my relationship. Because you know what’s gonna happen if I walk out of here and I didn’t….”

Hazel said: “Take a chance”.

Dexter replied: “Yes, and, and tell you my sort of true feelings for Hazel”.

A pumped up Joe jumped in: “Which means you clearly have feelings for Hazel”.

Looking rather taken aback and a tad shell-shocked at the revelation, Hazel replied: “Do you have feelings for me?”

Now, this is where things got a bit icky as Dexter came back with a stupid comment like: “If I had feelings!”

What’s Dexter’s secret going to be? That he’s secretly a bionic man or underneath it all he’s really an Android? Oh dear…

hazel o'sullivan

Hazel questioned: “If you had feelings what would you do?” Dexter added, “I’m not gonna tell you”.

“Then you’ll never take a chance” Hazel continued.

However, Dexter told her that he WILL take his chance as he’s a gambler.

Ohh err, sleep with one eye open Hazel, there’s a pimp on the prowl.

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

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