Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh’s girlfriend Charlotte says he’s “failed his test” after he claims to have feelings for Charlie Travers! (VIDEO)

dexter koh, charlie travers big brother 2013

As we reported yesterday – and as viewers saw in last night’s highlights show – Big Brother housemate Dexter Koh told fellow housemate Charlie Travers that he has “feelings” for her…

She didn’t actually believe him initially, and asserted during their chat that she thinks he fancies Irish model Hazel O’Sullivan, however, as you can see from the image above, by the time last night rolled around, she was coming round to thinking that perhaps Dexter’s revelation was real.

However, his girlfriend on the outside, Charlotte Nelson, is understandably not a happy bunny, given that – as we also reported recently – she confessed that though she had indeed given Dexter what he termed a “hall pass” to have a relationship with another housemate, she says that was a “test” to establish how he really feels about her…

Therefore, if he did get into a house romance, he will have failed that test.

Charlotte told the Daily Star, “I did give him freedom to do what he likes but if he follows through with it I’d still be gone.

“I did it as a test.”

Meanwhile, as Dexter and Charlie spent several hours together yesterday, he said to her, “If we want to explore more than a friendship outside fine but I can’t in front of Callum.”

dexter, charlie, 2 big brother 2013

Charlie replied, “I wish I’d met you on the outside.”

Dexter responded with, “If I could say all the things I want with no microphones and cameras…”

Charlie then said, “That’s good to know.”

However, as they cuddled in bed, Charlie said, “I need to remember that even giving a boy with a girlfriend a cuddle isn’t reem.”

Dexter replied, “I need to lie on my sword now. I’ve said my true feelings for you, so I have to do a Daley now and stand by my decision.”

So is love really blossoming for Dexter and Charlie? And if you were Charlotte, would you dump Dexter over the Dexlie/Chardex romance?

Let us know! For now, here’s a look at the latest house action…

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