Big Brother 2013: Emma Willis talks about her new role “I’m over the moon and nervous”

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Emma Willis has spoken out about her new role as the presenter of one of the biggest reality TV shows in the UK, Big Brother.

In an interview with the Daily Express, the star talks Davina comparisons, what she hopes from the house this year and what she thinks she will bring to the role.

When asked how she felt when she landed the job, she said she was “over the moon and nervous in equal measure. I’m fronting my favourite show of all time, which is terrifying”.

Speaking about comparisons between herself and previous Big Brother host Davina McCall, Emma said she is “flattered” by the comparisons, but doesn’t think she could ever take on Davina as she is the ultimate Big Brother presenter.

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In many ways, Emma is indeed quite similar to Davina, but different in her own right. It’s inevitable that Emma is going to be compared to the Big Muvva herself. But, Emma is set to bring the “cheekiness and naughtiness” of Bit on the Side to her main presenting role.

A lot of people, including the press, have liked to think there’s some sort of beef between Emma and outgoing host, Brian Dowling. The whole ‘she pinched his job’ palaver. But, it doesn’t seem that is the case as Emma has confirmed she spoke to Brian shortly after the news was announced.

“We met up and had a chat about everything. It’s hard – on the one hand, I’ve landed this amazing job and, on the other, I’ve lost a great colleague. It’s bittersweet. I have always adored Brian, but I have no doubt he’ll go on to other things as he’s fantastic at what he does,” she explained.

When asked if Brian gave her any tips, Willis joked: “No… He just turned around in typical Brian style, and said: ‘Good luck, darling. You’re going to need it!’”.


As we all know by now, Mrs Willis is a self-confessed Big Brother fan/addict (whichever you want to go with). She’s not missed an episode of the past 13 series’, but with the new series taking on a green theme, is Emma happy to see the house going back to basics?

“Big Brother is supposed to be an experiment so it will be good to see the housemates without their creature comforts. They’re competing for a lot of money. We need to make it hard for them,” she said.

Emma went on to add that she would like to see some housemates enter the house half way through the series, which hasn’t happened properly in a while, and this year she doesn’t want any divides, she wants a “happy and honest house”.

Big Brother is entering its 14th series next week, which is an achievement for any reality TV show, but, how long can the show carry on without drying up? Emma seems to think the show has definitely “got legs for a few years yet”, but she doesn’t know whether it could last another 14 series’. But… never say never!

Meanwhile, what we do know about this series is that it is going to revolve around a huge twist of secrets & lies, the house has gone green in which the housemates will have to work even harder this year. They will have to recycle and be self-sufficient, with the house being the toughest it has ever been.

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Not only that, the whole house has been ripped down and re-designed from the ground up, so fans of the show can expect a completely new design this year, as opposed to a rehash of the same layout!

Big Brother: Secrets & Lies kicks off with the first of two launch shows at 9pm on Thursday, 13th June on Channel 5.


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