Big Brother 2013: FAKE DOUBLE eviction to take place on Friday in which the ‘evicted’ housemates will enter the ‘Safe House’

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Big Brother has managed to pull yet another secret from up his sleeve this evening which will shock some of the housemates on Friday evening.

The fun kicks off on Friday night as this week there is NO eviction… not traditionally speaking anyway but there is a Safe House!

The four housemates up for eviction this week – Dan Neal, Wolfy Millington, Gina Rio and Dexter Koh – aren’t really up for eviction. Instead they have been paired up (Dan/Wolfy and Gina/Dexter) and one pair will be booted out of the house in a fake eviction on Friday.

Little do the rest of the housemates know, the two housemates won’t be gone forever… as soon as they are evicted they will be sent straight back into the house but they will be living in the “Safe House” (A.K.A; The Secret Bedroom) located at the bottom of the garden.

When the ‘evicted’ couple are sent back in, they will live a life of luxury in the safe house – much like the bedsit and basement we have seen in other series’. They will be able to play games on the housemates, cause trouble and well and truly cause havoc in the house. And for the first time this series, the two housemates will be able to have a proper bath and a shower!

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The chosen couple will be able to watch the housemates 24 hours a day which will give them the upper hand upon shocking the housemates by re-entering the main house after a few days away.

Another perk of being fake evicted on Friday means the ‘evicted’ couple will also be IMMUNE from next week’s eviction!

Which couple do you want to enter the house? Wolfy and Dan or Gina and Dexter? Which pair do you think could cause the most havoc in the house? Also, which pair do you think would use the live feed of the house to their benefit?

Lines are open NOW for you to vote for which pair you want to see live a life of luxury in the ‘Safe House’.

Nick Barnes

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