Big Brother 2013 Finale: Jack & Joe Glenny finish in fourth place

by Nick Barnes

jack and joe glenny big brother
It has tonight been revealed that Jack & Joe Glenny have finished in fourth place on this year’s summer series of Big Brother.

It was a case of being so close but yet so far for the twins as they became the second housemate to be given the boot from the most famous bungalow in Britain during tonight’s big finale.

Jack & Joe have had the public split – some like them, some don’t. They’ve rubbed some of the housemates up the wrong way, but they have been the life and soul of the party for some housemates. They definitely have their way with humour but it wasn’t enough for them to win the show.

The twins, like Charlie, left the house with quite a good reaction from the crowd – it looks like they’ve all got finale fever.

Speaking in their interview with Emma Willis, the twins said: “Not a chance. I thought we were going to be out in week three”.

jack and joe big brother 2013

“We sort of knew, it was obvious – after a while, it became the new normal” they said when asked about them continually being up for eviction.

When asked if it was difficult to hold their temper, they said “Yes, especially with Dexter”. They added that he has a huge game plan and he’s mugging everyone off including Charlie. “he’s playing it like a mug”.

The twins added they clashed with Dan and also Wolfy was arrogant. They went on to say that DC’s (Deep Conversations) were a waste of the day, they didn’t like the whole “my life this and my life that stories.

Speaking about Sophie they said: “She should be sitting [in the house] instead of Dexter”.

The twins also said that they would like Sam to win!

Nick Barnes

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