Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio confronts Sophie Lawrence about her flirting comment and Dexter Koh reckons Sam Evans is like a “bull in a china shop”



As we saw on last night’s show, Dexter Koh made Sam Evans disappear as part of his magic task, but little did the housemates know, Sam was actually in a secret room watching videos of them bitching about him.

Upon returning to the house, Sam had it out with both Sophie and Dexter, but it left Dexter feeling a bit bewildered. He just thinks Sam “reacts on impulse” rather than thinking about things.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, he says: “Some tension between Sam and Sophie; a little bit of tension between me and Sam. Nothing we can’t handle. He just kind of came out a bit bull-in-a- china-shop but I think he is the sort of person that reacts on impulse, whereas I think about things.”

Meanwhile, things aren’t too good between Sophie Lawrence and Gina Rio as Gina confronts her about her supposed flirting comments.


Gina asks: “Did you say that we [me and Sam] were flirting?”

Sophie says: “No I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that she was flirting with you. I was saying about how you are together”.

Sam adds: “You did say ‘I think you and Gina like each other’”.

Sophie retorts: “So what is wrong with that?…So now you are making me out to be the bad one?…I don’t understand what your problem is with me Sam, you are picking little things out now that are making me look bad when I have done f**k all!”

It seems the footage has gone to Sam’s brain and he’s gone a bit bat-crap crazy over it!

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD, in which the housemates’ family and friends nominations will be revealed, live!

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