Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio gets offended as Charlie Travers insinuates a guy may not instantly fancy her – “every guy normally fancies me”

Gina and Charlie.

It all got a little bit heated last night around the pool as Charlie Travers used Gina Rio to point out how feelings may change over time.

Sam, whilst sat in the pool, tells Gina about a conversation he had with Charlie earlier in the day about how opinions and feelings for certain people may change over time, in which Charlie used Gina as an example.

Charlie catches wind of the conversation both Sam and Gina are having and she comes over to defend herself.

Charlie tells Gina: “What are you saying, that I was using you as an example?”

Gina barks back: “If you don’t find someone attractive and then after a while you do find them attractive”.

Charlie adds: “No I didn’t say that, Sam. Ok, Gina was sat here and we were there. I said ok imagine if you met Gina and you don’t fancy Gina but in two weeks’ time your feelings for her grew and you suddenly start fancying her. That is all I said”.

Well, Sam’s feelings growing would be a change from his winkie expanding.

Gina and Charlie.

In great Gina Rio style, she’s horrified that Charlie may insinuate that a guy may not instantly want to jump her bones – the horror!

She says: “But every guy normally fancies me so… I am offended.

“In the future, if you want to make a point about anything don’t use me because I don’t like it… this house is really, really annoying me. This bunch of people, I have never met anything like you in my entre life. Ever, ever, ever! You always say the wrong thing all the time and it is so annoying! Annoying!!! I am removing myself from this situation!”

Nick Barnes

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