Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio is horrified at what Sam Evans would do if the power went out and Dan Neal worries about public perception

Gina and Callum.


We’re on Day 40 in the Big Brother house and after so long with the same group of people, the conversation can turn a little sour.

One would think after spending so long with the same amount of people 24 hours a day, one would not be shocked at the response of what a fellow housemate would get up to if the power went out in the house. One would definitely be wrong as Gina was horrified at what Sam blurted out last night.

In the garden yesterday, Dan Neal, Sophie Lawrence, Callum Knell, Gina Rio and Sam Evans were talking about what they would do in worst case scenarios.

Dan asked what the housemates would do if there was a huge thunderstorm which took out all the power in the house.

“If there was a thunderstorm and all the electricity went, the cameras stopped working and everything stopped working. There was a big storm,” Dan said.

Gina and Callum.

Sam retorted: “What would you do?”

Dan added: “What would you do?”

Then came Sam’s shocking – well maybe not so much shocking, but surprising – answer: “Have a w**k!”

Gina replied, horrified: “Did you just say that?”

Callum points out: “You are horrified G”.

Meanwhile, after being chosen to enter the safe house last night, Dan Neal had one thing on his mind… public perception.

Of course, Sophie Lawrence, Dan Neal and Sam Evans are under the impression that they are immune from this week’s eviction whilst the rest of the housemates must face the music, however, it’s the opposite way around.

Speaking to Gina in the garden, Dan said: “I am thinking a lot about what happens when I leave. As you know I don’t have a job and I have given everything up. So life starts again when I leave and it is now getting closer and closer, so it is on my mind a lot. I feel like you know. But you are not getting carried away by it, but you got a very good reception on Friday, so that is a good feeling for you. You have an idea on how you are being perceived. But I feel that I don’t necessarily have that.


“The good thing about this situation is that Sam and Sophie are two independent people as well as you and Dexter who have seen my VT, seen me in the diary room and they have both said that I am exactly the same as I am in the house. But you still don’t know what the public think of you. If the public don’t like me it potentially makes things harder for me when I leave in order to move on to the next chapter of my life in whatever career I choose. That worries me a bit”.

Nick Barnes

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