Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio reportedly “hiding her older brother’s drugs shame” of whom she allegedly said, “He is absolutely horrendous!” (VIDEO)

gina rio

Fans of Big Brother will know that housemate Gina Rio – who is of course facing possible eviction on Friday along with fellow housemate Sallie Axl – is quite possibly the biggest spoilt brat on the face of the planet…

She lives in a hotel, has an “allowance” of £10k a month from her mother, and is a “lady of leisure” who’s never done a day’s work in her life.

However, what she hasn’t told her housemates is that her family has allegedly been shamed by her older brother’s drug addiction, which, before Gina went into the house, she reportedly described as “horrendous.”

The Daily Star reports, “She has been keeping quiet about a skeleton in her closet – she has an older brother who is addicted to hard drugs. In a previously unpublished interview, she admitted she was ashamed of his low-life habits.”

She reportedly said of her brother, “I wish I was an only child. I actually wish I was.

“He is absolutely horrendous. He takes a lot of drugs.”

A friend of Gina’s told the paper, “She would hate for people to know about this.

“She has wound up so many people in the Big Brother house that if they found out it would be great ammunition against her.”

gina rio big brother 2013

The paper adds, “Social climber Gina has tried to distance herself from her brother for fear he could damage her high-class image.”

She apparently hasn’t spoke to her brother for several years, and added that it wasn’t merely a “feud,” and rather, “That’s been all my life. All my life.”

The paper states that Gina’s brother “could not be contacted to comment on the drug allegations last night.”

Meanwhile, TV watchdog Ofcom has apparently had 151 complaints from viewers who though that Gina deliberately instigated a race row by taking Jemima Slade’s comments about black men out of context. The fan were apparently angry that Jemima received a formal warning over the debacle.

What say you? Was Gina in the wrong to make an issue of it?

For now, here’s a look at all the latest house action…



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