Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio’s livid with Jackie & Wolfy for not backing her up in Hazel O’Sullivan row! (VIDEO)

gina big brother 2013

As we saw in last night’s Big Brother highlights show, Gina Rio, Jackie Travers and Wolfy Millington were allowed to watch their fellow housemates pre-show VTs, which proved to be illuminating, and apparently, shocking…

And while Jackie was stunned to hear Callum saying he’d slept with a mother and daughter, Gina was most shocked to hear model Hazel remarking that her game plan within the house would be to stir up trouble!

So last night, fuelled by some booze, Gina decided to confront Hazel over what she’d said, but she was left fuming when apparently, neither Jackie nor Wolfy backed her up in what she said to the Irish stunner.

We’ll of course see Gina’s row with Hazel in tonight’s highlights show, but afterwards, the annoyed “lady of leisure” stormed into the bedroom and demanded to know why neither Wolfy nor Jackie had confirmed what they saw on Hazel’s VT.

Jackie said, “Look, I just don’t remember her exact words,” while Wolfy told Gina, “I like Hazel, so I didn’t want to get into it.”

wolfy big brother 2013

However, Jackie’s daughter Charlie turned on her mum, saying that she should’ve backed up what Gina said, and implying that she’d chickened out of confronting Hazel.

Meanwhile though, Dexter was pleasantly surprised that the trio didn’t turn on him for the contents of his VT, which as you may recall, also shocked Gina who apparently assumed he had something catching…

When she heard Dexter saying that he has up to 17 dates with different girls each month, she spat, “Oh my god! I share a toilet with him!”

No doubt this one will rumble on though, given that as things got progressively more affected by booze, tensions were rising…

Here’s a look at the latest house action…



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