Big Brother 2013: Hazel confides in Dan about Daley’s aggressive behaviour “I was terrified”

Dan and Hazel.


On this evening’s show, it’s the morning after the night before the whole Daley/Hazel situation in the Safe House.

Hazel opts to confide in Dan in the tree house, in which she tells him she was “terrified” in the safe house as Daley pushed it too far.

In the tree house, Hazel tells Dan: “I just don’t want my whole time in this thing to have been about him. My mind was changed last night; he was very drunk last night”.

Dan replies: “Was he, saying things you mean?”

Hazel grabs Dan’s arms to demonstrate how Daley pinned her arms down on the bed, which we saw during last night’s show.

Hazel continues: “As well and good as it is being in there, it is very intense. I’m a very straight person, my personality doesn’t change much. So when people flip on me, when I don’t know what somebody is going to do next, that frightens me”.

Following Daley’s departure from the house, Hazel and Dan chat about the previous night once again in the tree house, in which Hazel tells Dan that Daley “just flipped”, “he just turned; the eyes and everything. I had my knees up to his chest trying to push him away”.


When asked if Daley tried it on with her, Hazel tells Dan: “No he just flipped…I don’t need anybody knowing this at all…it was just really weird, like we were messing and I hugged him…we were messing around pulling on each other’s covers and play fighting like you do when you’re drunk. I don’t know he just turned; the eyes and everything. I had my knees up to his chest trying to push him away, really really intense. I just grabbed his throat, pushing him away saying you don’t think I am afraid of aggressive men do you, I was pushing him away. Then at that second Big Brother were like ‘Daley come to the diary room.’ I didn’t want anyone to be kicked out, just got a little bit of a fright.”

Dan replies: “I am not surprised this has happened.”

Dan and Hazel.

“I just can’t believe it got him kicked out” Hazel grovels.

She then goes on to tell Dan that she was “terrified” in the Safe House the previous night as she didn’t know what Daley was going to do.

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