Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan & Daley Ojuederie row in Safe House! He tells her “You won’t get your own way with me!” (VIDEO)

As fans of Big Brother will know, housemates Hazel O’Sullivan and Daley Ojuederie were yesterday chosen – via a public vote – to go into BB’s safe house, where they are to not only enjoy living in luxury, but will be able to meddle in house events and order their fellow housemates to do certain tasks…

However, though initially euphoric to be in the safe house, what with its hot water on tap and champagne on ice, Daley and Hazel were getting on like a house on fire, however, that began to change last night after what started out as a compliment became a tense row.

The drama began when Hazel was about to apply fake tan, but seeing what she was doing, Daley told her that he thinks she looks better when she’s not smothered in fake tan, or make-up for that matter.

He told her, “You don’t need to put all that stuff on to look good you know. In fact, you sometimes look better without it…

“The other day when you had no make-up on, you looked great…”

Hazel initially seemed to agree, saying, “Yeah you said that at the time…”

As Daley continued to insist that she should avoid so many cosmetics, Hazel began to get the hump and told him, “Nobody’s ever talked to me like this.”

When Daley asked what she meant, she replied, “Nobody’s ever talked AT me like you’re doing now.”

Hazel then made as if to kick him in the doolies, prompting him to say, “What you wanna kick me? Wanna punch me?!”

Hazel replied, “No but you’re telling me something I don’t want to hear.

“I don’t like… I don’t know.”

Daley responded, “I think I’ve just worked out what your problem is…

“You get your own way all the time right? And with me, you can’t because I tell you how it is.”

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When Hazel failed to reply, he said, “Have your shower” before walking off.

Didn’t take long for that rot to set in with love’s young dream did it?

Here’s a look at the latest house action…



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