Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan is “not f**king impressed” over nominations and Gina Rio thinks Charlie Travers is sly!



As we saw at the end of last night’s highlight’s show during the live segment, the housemates’ friends and family nominated on behalf of them and it didn’t go down too well with a certain housemate.

Charlie’s friend who nominated on behalf of Charlie really cheesed Hazel off when she brought Daley into the situation – she said she didn’t like the way she behaved with him and trying it on with another woman’s man, she made the show uncomfortable to watch. Following nominations, Hazel literally EXPLODED.

Hazel tells Charlie: “Your friend was f**ing blunt as a mother**ker. Not impressed. Not f**ing impressed… I have been very good to you. You have been very good to me… Don’t f**king come out and lay me out for shit that isn’t even relevant to Charlie. Makes me look like a f**king kn*b”

WAW! Alright, language Timothy…


Meanwhile, in the garden Gina makes her mind up that Charlie is sly because she recently told Gina that Hazel had been opening up to her, but Hazel denies that and says Charlie actually told her not to open up in the house and not to come across as emotional.

Hazel says: “She said you shouldn’t open up just because they want you to open up. Deter told you that the public want you to open up. I said ‘Charlie that is really unfair’.”

Gina replies: “She said to you do not open up? The thing is I am really annoyed now. I have trusted the wrong person…She said Hazel has been opening up now and stuff like that and that is why the public like her. So for her to tell you do not open and do not get emotional, she doesn’t want the public to like you”.

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

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