Big Brother 2013: Housemates’ selflessness is put to the test as the battle it out for their favourite treats. Will Jack & Joe win half a birthday bash?

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This afternoon, the housemates have been set a task which will test whether they are selfless or selfish… and I think we might know what some of them will be…

The housemates have been paired up and their selflessness will be tested this afternoon. Each pair will compete against each other to win their favourite treats… but, there’s a catch!

How does it work?

The housemates will compete for their favourite items this afternoon in a task which will see the housemates paired up.

Here’s what the housemates are competing for:

Callum: A romantic dinner with a housemate of your choice
Dexter: A romantic dinner with a housemate of your choice
Gina: Laundry service for a week
Sophie: Luxury beauty pack
Hazel: Luxury chocolate hamper
Jack: Half a birthday bash
Joe: Half a birthday bash
Charlie: Luxury cheese and win hamper
Sam: Sports trainers
Dan: Luxury pamper kit

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Dan and Joe have been paired up as have Gina and Hazel (OUCH!), Dexter and Callum are a pair as are Sophie and Charlie. Finally, Sam and Jack will team up.

Each pair of housemates are given a personalized sugar glass box which contains an amount of golden tokens. Upon being called to the center of the garden, housemates must stand back to back. In front of them is a plinth with a hammer. The housemates must put their sugar glass box on the plinth.

The housemates will then be given ten seconds to decide whether they want to smash their box or leave it… but, whether they get their prize or not depends on the decision they take.

If both housemates are selfless and neither of them smash their box, then they will both share a small treat. A small treat will be something simple for the house to share such as two toilet rolls.

If only one housemate out of the pair decides to smash their box, they will then receive their own personalized treat and destroy their partner’s – who will subsequently get nothing and be forced to spend the evening in the jail.

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If both housemates are selfish and choose to smash their box, they’ll both lose their treat.

You can see this afternoon’s task on tomorrow’s highlights show at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

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