Big Brother 2013: Hunky ex-copper Dan Neal & Irish Beauty Hazel O’Sullivan speculate about Friday’s eviction and Michael Dylan & Gina Rio have a heart-to-heart about honesty

Dan discusses Michael.


Prior to all the palavor over who had been saved ahead of Friday night’s eviction, hunky ex-copper Dan Neal and Irish model, Hazel O’Sullivan speculated in the garden about who may be evicted on Friday – turns out they’re so far off the mark…

In the garden yesterday, Dan said that he thinks Dexter will be given the boot on Friday.

Dan said: “I think he [Dexter] will go on Friday night”.

Hazel replied: “Yeah, I thought it was going to be Gina, but now I think it could be him…”

Dan added: I think… I just hope there’s not two evictions, you know, I think Sallie could be a bit (grimaces)”.

Let’s not forget, the housemates are still under the impression that it was indeed Michael who nominated Gina, Sallie and Dexter on Monday night. They’re still in the dark that for the first time in Big Brother history, the public made the choices.

hazel o sullivan

Hazel concluded: “Yeah, we know what Sallie is like but I can see why Michael did nominate her like… I can see why he did. You know what I mean, I don’t want her to go but I can see personally why he would have”.

Meanwhile, spoilt little bratty rich girl, Gina Rio sat down with Michael in the bedroom to talk about honesty – this really was the calm before the storm that erupted last night and hurricane Sallie ripped through the house and completely erupted. And, who knew Gina did compassion?

Gina said: “Everyone’s paranoid in here. Everyone thinks a lot and everyone wants to know what’s going on. Everyone wants to know secrets and everything. I have been thinking and I actually feel bad for saying that behind your back. So, I just thought I would tell you from now on”.

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Michael replied: “Thank you, I appreciate that. And I’ll be honest with you as well like. You know I nominated you but I did not write that on that card!”

Gina added: “That’s fine. No, that’s fine!”

Who know Gina had anything else other than money and shoes in that head of hers? It seems she knows what compassion means after all…

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