Big Brother 2013: Jack & Joe find themselves a new twin and the nominated housemates present their eviction campaigns

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Today, the housemates have been presented with another task, and this time instead of having a nemesis or a rival, Gina and Dexter will find themselves a twin.

Big Brother doesn’t think it’s very fair that Jack and Joe get to do things together such as doing nominations together and keeping each other’s company so, Big Brother is giving Gina and Dexter the opportunity to buddy up with Jack & Joe.

How It Works

To make the task “realistic” Big Brother has provided Jack and Joe with full outfits so they can look like their respective twin. Jack will become Dexter and Joe will become Gina.

The twins must perfectly imitate Gina and Dexter, including their voices, their mannerisms and their personalities. As well as imitating Gina and Dexter, Jack and Joe have three small tasks that they must complete.

  1. Gina and Dexter have to give the twins a masterclass in how to be Gina and Dexter
  2. Jack and Joe must spend some quality time with their new twins, sharing an enjoyable activity with lots of fun and laughter.
  3. Jack and Joe must have a deep heart to heart with their new twin and they CAN talk about nominations.Dexter and Gina.

Meanwhile yesterday, the nominated housemates were task a task in which they had to draw up a campaign to say why the public should not vote to evict them.

As part of the task, they also had to say why another nominated housemate to be evicted.

With all that in place, the housemates were assigned their own campaign managers. Charlie buddied up with Hazel, Gina got Dexter’s back, Sam chose his BFF Callum and Sophie worked with Jack & Joe.

All four nominated housemates presented their speeches and campaign posters and here’s who they campaigned against:

Callum campaigned against Dexter to be evicted, Dexter had the hump with Callum, Hazel also voted for Callum and Jack and Joe campaigned against Dexter.

Big Brother continues this evening at 9pm on Channel 5/HD in which another housemate will be given the boot!

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  1. granny di on August 2, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    Thats fair…not. Why do the twins always get fun tasks and get rewarded with food. Is it really fair that one of them should be twinned with Dexter when they nominated him and yesterday campaigned for him to be evicted. Bet Callum loves that (but I expect Dexter will take it in good part as he always does)

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