Big Brother 2013: Jack & Joe Glenny bitch about Sophie Lawrence & Sam Evans’ Safe House decision and did Callum cure Gina and Dexter? We think not…

jack and joe glenny big brother


As we saw on the live element of last night’s highlight’s show, Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans had the liberty of choosing one housemate to join them in the Safe House.

The pair were told that the whole house faces eviction this week, apart from those in the Safe House, so whoever they chose last night would also be immune, however, little do they know it is the opposite way around. But, you can’t please everyone as twins Jack & Joe Glenny were a bit cheesed off with their decision.

When asked how they were feeling about Sam and Sophie’s decision, Joe said that he felt as though he had “been slapped around the face” by Sophie. But, would he be saying the same thing if he knew the truth? Sophie and Sam and unknowingly saved the twins this week.

Jack told Big Brother: I feel like I have been slapped around the face by my best mate. If it was me in there I would have fought tooth and nail to get Sophie in. She gets along with Dan really well and I think me and Dan are the same to her. But I have not got anyone in here closer than I have with Sophie so I don’t know. It just felt like someone had hit me round the face. I am not angry that anyone is in there. I am really not angry at Dan, I am happy for Dan to go in there”.


Meanwhile, Yesterday saw Callum Knell given the impossible task of becoming Big Brother’s therapist and trying to cure some of the broken Housemates. Of course… some of them are beyond professional help, nevermind Callum.

Both Gina Rio and Dexter Koh discussed the therapy session in the garden yesterday in which they had a bit of a disagreement over whether Callum is “smart” or not.

Dexter said: “Interesting he is asking about me. It’s just too sly”.

Gina replied: “He’s smart”.

Dexter snapped: “He is not smart”.


Gina retorted: “He is good at wording things. Very clever. He is like a psychiatrist”.

Dexter on the other hand thought Callum is more like a “serial killer” than a psychiatrist.

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