Big Brother 2013: Jackie Travers opens up about Charlie’s cancer trauma and reveals “I still don’t know the real Callum Knell!”

jackie and charlie travers

Fans of Big Brother will probably be aware that housemate Charlie Travers had a cancer scare that struck just months before former BB housemate Jade Goody died of cervical cancer aged just 27…

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Charlie learned she had pre-cancerous cells after having had a smear test, which theoretically, she wasn’t entitled to have for free on the NHS as she was under the age threshold of 25.

However, luckily, the condition was caught and diagnosed in time for it to be treated, but of course, it was a nightmare for Charlie and for her mum, the recently evicted housemate Jackie Travers.

While speaking about the ordeal to the Daily Star Sunday, Jackie – who left the house last Friday night – explained, “Charlie had smear tests that were abnormal so she had pre- cancerous cells removed from her cervix.

“She was only 22 at the time and if she hadn’t had that she might not be here today. It just shows how vulnerable you are.”

Jackie added, “We both want to raise awareness to make sure girls get smear tests before they’re 25.

“The Government ruling is you don’t go for tests until you’re 25 which is absolutely wrong.”

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On a somewhat lighter note though, Jackie then told the paper that she doesn’t believe that Charlie has any romantic inclinations towards her smitten fellow housemate Callum Knell.

She said, “He’s not got a chance in hell of getting with my daughter. He’s deluded.

“I know what Charlie’s like and she wouldn’t go for someone like him. She’s a clever girl.

“I’m not sure about his behaviour. He has outbursts. He’s trying too hard.

“When somebody does that you wonder if it’s a cover-up.”

She added, I still don’t know who the true Callum is.”

And finally, 59 year old Jackie revealed that by taking part in BB, she hopes she might have inspired other women of her age to try something new.

She said, “I hoped I would give women over 50 confidence they can do anything in life.

“If I can survive five weeks in Big Brother, it shows that.”

Here’s a look at some recent house action…

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