Big Brother 2013: Jemima Slade feared being branded a racist after her row with Gina Rio!

jemima slade big brother 2013

Fans of Big Brother will know that Jemima Slade became the second housemate to be evicted in this year’s series after she lost out against Dexter Koh in last week’s vote to evict…

And it’s been revealed today that after the so-called ‘race row’ that she had with Gina Rio – which was sparked when Jemima remarked “I wouldn’t normally go for a black guy” to which Gina took exception – the self-confessed gold digger was terrified that she would face a backlash on the outside over the debacle.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, 41 year old Jemima explained, “I was so worried viewers would see me as a racist. I was upset for a few days worrying about it.

“I was really concerned about my family’s wellbeing and my own wellbeing when I came out of the house. I was incredibly embarrassed.

“I didn’t want to be perceived in that way.”

Jemima also revealed that she was devastated when the show’s producers gave her a formal warning over the incident.

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She said, “I really was extremely upset by that. I was very emotional about it because I have a lot of friends of every nationality.

“Of everything that happened, that upset me the most. I had a couple of chats in the Diary Room and they promised me I wouldn’t be branded as a racist and it wouldn’t come out on the show.

“It wasn’t meant in a racist way.”

And though Jemima was of course accused of making housemate Sam Evans “uncomfortable” by flirting with him relentlessly, she reckons that she was the ‘victim’ of overt sexual advances at the hands of Dexter Koh.

Of that, she said, “He made me feel incredibly uneasy. He spoke about his girlfriend one minute and then he made sexual advances to me and Hazel.

“I went to the Diary Room and said I was unhappy about the way he was speaking to me.”

Dexter reacts to the nominations.

However, she concluded, “It’s a difficult environment. We didn’t want to fall out but at the end of the day it’s not a holiday camp, it’s a game show.

“It really is a rollercoaster.”

I do wish Big Brother would coach the housemates in how to avoid clichés…

I would personally ban them from saying ‘rollercoaster’ at all, ever, and I would also bar them from uttering “At the end of the day” or “it’s a game.”

And last, but arguably most importantly, they’d be shot if they said “I knew it!” or “It’s me, I know it’s me…” during nominations and/or eviction reveals. Grr.

Anyway, here’s a look at all the latest house action…



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