Big Brother 2013: Live Feed AXED due to poor ratings, will be dropped from schedules next week


Big Brother fans, it has happened again… Live Feed has been AXED by Channel 5 and will be removed from schedules as of next week.

Prior to Big Brother returning, it was confirmed that Live Feed would make a comeback on a bigger scale for the new series, but just three weeks into the current series the feed will be scrapped.

The Big Brother live feed currently airs daily on 5* from 7pm-9pm Monday through Saturday, but only airs between 8pm and 9pm on a Sunday evening.

However, due to poor ratings, it has today been revealed that Channel 5 have announced plans to scrap the live feed as of next week.


A spokesperson confirmed: “Big Brother’s live streaming has been removed from the 5* schedule from next week.”

Since Big Brother returned earlier this month, the Live Feed has been put up against the soaps, which receive million of viewers each and with barely any promotion, it doesn’t take Einstein to work out this outcome was inevitable. Live Feed on 5* kicked off with around 60,000 viewers, but has since dropped to around the 35,000 mark.

Back in 2000 when the show launched on Channel 4, viewers had the opportunity to watch Live Feed 24 hours a day and even had the chance to change between different rooms. However, 24-hour feed was dropped not long after. Back in 2008, Channel 4’s red button Live Feed output was cut down due to dwindling ratings.

However, back in 2010, Channel 4 brought back the 24-hour Live Feed for the final series on the channel, in which 1,000 free passes were given out. Otherwise, it cost £0.49 for a day pass, £1.99 for a weekly pass and £14.99 for the whole series.

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When Channel 5 took the reins, they confirmed that the 24-hour feed would not be making a return, but last year Live Feed was brought back following big events such as evictions or arrivals. After increasing complaints and petitioning from fans, Channel 5’s new Head of Programming, Ben Frow made the decision to increase the Live Feed output to 2 hours per night, and 1 hour on a Sunday, however, due to falling ratings, the feed has been axed without a second glance.

A full statement is set to be released later today from producers. The Big Brother nightly Live Feed will cease as of 6th July..


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