Big Brother 2013: Michael Dylan and Gina Rio argue about nominations and Sallie Axl plans to cut Michael’s clothes up

Gina and Michael argue.


Michael isn’t the best liked housemate in the Big Brother house at the moment, especially with the first round of nominations taking place on Monday evening. Last night, Gina and Michael had an argument about his reason for nominating her – little does she know it was YOU that did it!

Not only that, Sallie seems to have been driven to new extremes, she is THAT cheesed off she plans to cut Michael’s clothes up – I suggest she’s given some happy pills.

In the living room, Michael and Gina sit down to discuss Michael’s nominations, in which Gina can’t get her (air) head around the fact he thinks everything is about her.

She says: “I just didn’t like what you said ‘it’s all about you’. I wanted to know why you said that”.

Michael replied: “Everything is about you; I don’t know who you are either”.

Angry Michael.

Gina, who seems a bit befuddled by it all replied: “I really thought we had a good time anyway and I felt like I bonded with you and spoke to you. Obviously you had horrible thoughts about me and I don’t really like that. I really didn’t expect it from you. I didn’t”.

Michael added: “Well I didn’t know Gina, in this house I’ve been put in a position where I don’t trust anyone in here, and I don’t know what’s going on.

“I don’t know who’s talking about me behind my back and who actually genuinely wants to be my friend. That’s the dilemma I have. I’m just confused. I apologise if I’ve offended, if I’ve misread the signs”.

Poor Michael, the backlash is coming left, right and centre on tonight’s show, and it doesn’t stop there either as Sallie tells Big Brother that she’s hatching a plan to cut up his clothes as he shredded her suitcase.

gina rio big brother 2013

She tells BB: “He comes into this show and wrecks my clothes. Personally I’d like to get a pair of scissors while he isn’t there and start destroying his clothes. That’s just given me an idea. I hope there’s no more alcohol.”

Michael, sleep with one eye open… there’s a wild Sallie on the loose.

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

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