Big Brother 2013: Michael Dylan ERUPTS as the housemates talk about conspiracy theories and Sallie & Dan think Dexter has a secret mission

Angry Michael.

On this evening’s highlight’s show it all comes to blows as Michael (A.K.A; The People’s Puppet) erupts in the garden as the housemates continue banging on about their conspiracy theories that Michael isn’t being genuine.

After blowing up he storms through the house like a bull in a china shop and hits the diary room button – but, is it all part of his act or are things actually getting to Michael now?

On tonight’s highlight’s, the housemates are sitting in the garden discussing conspiracy theories about the series – one of which is about Michael.

However, Michael catches on about what the housemates are speaking about and he begins to bubble over… Dan tries to diffuse the situation by telling the housemates not to discuss the theories as it isn’t appropriate at the time.

Michael shouts: “I’m not a f**ing liar!”

Wolfy questions: “Who’s calling you a liar?”

Michael replies “Everyone! They’re like, it’s not appropriate to talk about it!”

Dan discusses Michael.

He explains to Wolfy that they are talking about “the lie”. He adds: “I’m f**ing next to them. I’m really just… calm down Michael”.

In the garden, he tells Callum: “People will see when the get out, they’ll see, then they’ll go ‘We’re bloody idiots’. This game is designed to be like that”.

Meanwhile, Sallie and Dan suspect that Dexter has been given a secret mission before entering the house because of a statement he made when the trio were discussing secret tasks.

Dexter says “I think everyone was given select bits of information”.

Sallie and Dan question what he means and who the information would be about. Dexter says the information is “about everybody”.

Sallie says she hasn’t been given any information and Dan questions whether Dexter has been told something.

Dexter continues: “No, but, but that’s what I think!”

Dexter upset.

Dan replies: “What the f**k are you talking about? Did you get given some information then?”

Dexter tries to wriggle his way out of his silly statement, but Dan thinks he is onto something and questions: “You can’t say that, you must have been given, you must have been given one then?”

Sallie pipes up: “You say the stupidest things!”

Will the housemates begin to suspect Dexter? Also, do you think Michael’s hissy fit was all about his tactics or is the task genuinely starting to get to him now?

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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