Big Brother 2013: Michael the “People’s Puppet” will strike again by revealing a dirty little fake secret chosen by the public


Michael will face yet another hurdle this afternoon when the housemates will be gathered to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets.

However, as the “People’s Puppet”, Michael won’t be choosing to reveal a secret of his own.. oh no.. all you lovely viewers out there will be able to decide his fate via a new poll on the Big Brother website, which will only mess with his fellow housemates.

As part of this afternoon’s task, each of the housemates will be forced to reveal a secret about themselves, but as we already know, Michael has a dirty little secret of his own so it’s only fair that we make the decision so he doesn’t slip up and ruin the whole twist, right?

You, the viewing public now have the opportunity to vote for three scenarios. Either Michael will tell his housemates that he left his fiancée the night before their wedding, he rates himself 9 out of 10 for looks or he will tell them he doesn’t like fat people.

Call me evil, but I know which option will make the housemates flip a lid and possibly make Michael more hated than he already is. Just imagine him telling the housemates he doesn’t like fat people, now imagine the evils he will get and now imagine the divide this will cause with some housemates… perfect!

michael big brother 2013

Meanwhile, Michael was given the second part of his suitcase task last night in which he was given the option to shred the new housemates’ suitcases and if he did so he would be given his favourite food and drink – a rather cold looking pizza and a flat pint – or he could save the housemates’ suitcases. If he decided to shred them, Big Brother would take full responsibility.

However, what Michael didn’t know is that his fellow housemates were watching on the plasma screen in the living area, so they knew he was offered a bribe. But, unbeknown to the housemates, it wasn’t really Michael’s decision to make, the public decided not to shred the new housemates’ suitcases – which was a clever move, potentially causing a divide in the house and turning the heat up to 11.

We also found out that nominations will take place on Monday, but only Michael’s nominations will count, so the housemates know they have to suck up or run the risk of being nominated. But, is it that simple? Oh no, as Michael won’t be making the nominations, WE will! The three housemates with the most number of votes will face the first public eviction.

It’s all getting a bit exciting with this mole twist, and a tad confusing at times, but do we really want to go with the options that will potentially make Michael the most hated person in the house? Oh of course we do… we love a bit of tension.

You have until 3pm this afternoon to vote for your favourite secret.


Nick Barnes

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