Big Brother 2013: Michael faces second suitcase task but the decision was made by YOU! Nominations to take place on Monday

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Emma Willis returned this evening for the second live launch show and the heat has been turned up to 11!

This evening, six brand new housemates were chucked into the house among the 10 that were sent in last night. But, less than 24 hours in and the bitching has already started and it seems like Sallie is the ring-leader – we love it!

Not only that, Michael has had to face his second suitcase task tonight, but what the housemates don’t know is that the decision was made by you, the viewing public as don’t forget, Michael is the “people’s puppet”.

After Charlie, Jackie, Daley, Gina, Hazel and Dan were sent into the house this evening, Michael was called to the Diary Room by Big Brother. The housemates were gathered on the sofas but they were told to remain quiet as Michael wasn’t aware they were watching.

This is where it gets a bit confusing… bear with me! Upon entering the Diary Room, Michael was presented with a scabby cold-looking pizza and a pint of beer, he was told that as Head Housemate, he had another decision to make, but all details were to remain confidential.

Either he could shred the new housemates’ suitcases and enjoy the pizza and the pint, or he could be the good guy and save the suitcases. If he decided to shred the suitcases, Big Brother would take full responsibility for him.michael big brother 2013

He decided not to shred the suitcases as he couldn’t deal with any more bitching about the new housemates not having their suitcases… BUT, it wasn’t really his decision.

Earlier in the day, YOU, the viewing public voted in a poll on the Big Brother website which determined that the new housemates would indeed get their suitcases.

Not only will your decision cause an instant divide in the house as one group have their clothes and the other group doesn’t, but the housemates also think Michael is the good guy again as he saved the suitcases. However, Michael doesn’t know his fellow housemates were watching on the plasma in the living area.

As if that wasn’t enough confusion, Michael was told that the first set of nominations will take place on Monday, however, only his nominations will count and guess who will be making his nominations for him… YOU, the viewing public.

As Michael is the “people’s puppet” you will make his nominations for him, in which he will then nominate as though the choices are his own opinion, which depending on how you all vote could cause complete anarchy in the house and could change everything for Michael.

I’m excited to see how this develops, there could be bloodshed!

Nick Barnes

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