Big Brother 2013 Nominations: Callum Knell, Dexter Koh, Gina Rio, Jackie Travers, Jack & Joe Glenny face eviction this week

This afternoon, the housemates endured yet another round of nominations and we have the results of who will face the fourth eviction this week.

The nominations process was up in the air this afternoon due to Daley being removed from the house due to “threatening” behaviour towards Hazel O’Sullivan last night. However, the process went ahead this afternoon and there will indeed be an eviction this Friday.

It has been revealed this evening by Big Brother that Callum Knell, Dexter Koh, Gina Rio, Jackie Travers and Jack & Joe Glenny will face the fourth public eviction this Friday in which one will be given the boot from the most famous bungalow in Britain.

Of course, as Hazel is currently in the lap of luxury in the safe house, she is immune from this week’s eviction and therefore could not be nominated.

There was the mumble of “Oh, I knew it was going to be me” across the nominated housemates… the same we hear every week! Anyone would think they were psychic.

Upon hearing the result, Joe said: “Jack and I became an easy target, since Wolfy went. Certain people know it is easy to vote for us, I want to say who, but I can’t”.

jack and joe glenny big brother

Sophie comforted them: “I know in my heart of hearts that you will not go at all”

Surprise, surprise, Dexter Koh and Gina Rio face the public vote once again this week after they have a week off last week due to living in the Safe House and having immunity.

dexter, gina, big brother 2013

It was also revealed on Bit on the Side this evening that via a poll on the website, the viewing public voted that they would have nominated Jackie Travers, Jack & Joe Glenny and Dexter Koh this week if they had the power.

But, who will go on Friday? Will Dexter and Gina escape eviction once again? Will it be oh so lucky for Callum this week?  Will first timers the twins be given the boot? Or will good ol’ Jackie Travers dance her way out of the house?

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