Big Brother 2013 nominations: Wolfy Millington insists she’s not going but Dan Neal’s not so confident!

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Wolfy Millington is pretty sure that she won’t be evicted from the Big Brother house this week and she’s said as much to her fellow housemates.

The lesbian fisherwoman found herself facing the public vote for the first time after last night’s live, face to face nominations and she joins Dan Neal, Gina Rio and Dexter Koh in facing elimination from the reality TV show this Friday.

Dexter and Gina have both survived eviction twice before, while both Dan and Wolfy are in the hot seat for the first time but Millington isn’t at all worried and doesn’t think she’ll be seeing her friends and family any time soon.

Feeling rather confident, she told opponent Dexter last night:

“I am your biggest competition here! Everybody knows that I am going to make it to the final. I’m so chilled. I know I’m not going anywhere!”

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Dexter was punished last night and after he nominated he was told that his votes didn’t count, as he had been caught chatting with Gina and Dan about nominations earlier in the week. He received a whopping ten noms from other housemates though, so his own votes wouldn’t have made much difference to his fate.

After previously discussing a plan to rig the results with Gina, he told Wolfy that his nominations were “tactical decisions.”

Dan isn’t quite as cocky as Wolfy though and he thinks there is every chance he could be leaving the Big Brother house this week. He knows that his interrogation of Wolfy could be a sticking point and a reason why people would want to see him out and he admitted:

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“I think I’m in trouble, especially if Wolfy is the genuine, nice person she thinks she is and I haven’t been too nice to her.”

He also thinks that Gina and Dexter’s fanbase could cause problems for him and continued:

“Gina and Dexter have been saved before. I think I would be in trouble.”

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