Big Brother 2013: Ofcom to investigate over Daley Ojuederie ‘attack’ on Hazel O’Sullivan while she says, “I really miss him!” (VIDEO)

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It’s been revealed today that TV watchdog Ofcom are investigating scenes aired on Channel 5’s Big Brother which depicted the now former housemate Daley Ojuederie gripping fellow contestant Hazel O’Sullivan around the neck and pinning her to a bed while stating, “I’ll finish you!”

The incident has of course divided fans of the show, and while many – including the man himself – claim the whole thing was “play fighting” that got blown out of proportion, others insist that Hazel’s assertion that she was “terrified” of the boxer are valid and justified.

However, in the meantime, Hazel has apparently told her fellow housemates that she misses Daley and would like him to return to the house. More on that in a moment…

But first, of Ofcom becoming embroiled in the debacle, the Daily Star reports, “Some 60 viewers have so far complained to Ofcom, saying the clip should never have been shown at all.”

Ahead of airing the episode in question, Channel 5 did however issue a warning to viewers that the footage contained “disturbing scenes,” but as of yet, the broadcaster has declined to comment on Ofcom’s involvement.

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Back now to what Hazel’s had to say about Daley, and as we reported recently, she appointed Dan Neal as her spokesman over the whole thing, and he therefore told the rest of the housemates what had happened to prompt Daley’s removal from the house.

However, having repeatedly claimed that she felt “cornered, threatened” and “terrified,” Hazel reportedly then insisted that she misses Daley and wishes he could return.

She said, “It wasn’t my decision he went. I really miss him.”

She even criticised her fellow housemates for seemingly not caring that Daley had been booted.

Here’s a look at the latest video from the house…



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