Big Brother 2013: Official house pictures unveiled – there’s no room for luxury this year


The official pictures of this year’s brand new Big Brother house have been unveiled this afternoon.

The highly anticipated return of one of the UK’s biggest reality TV shows is just around the corner, and with that comes a brand new redesigned house. The house has undergone an amazing transformation, being ripped down and redesigned from the ground up for the new crop.

We have been promised that this year the house will be tougher than ever and it isn’t going to be a walk in the park for the housemates. They have to work for their privileges.


As you may be able to see from the pictures, there seems to be no bathroom. No, we haven’t missed it out, it has been teased that this year, the house will not feature an indoor shower or bath. Instead, the housemates will have to shower outside via a shower which is powered by a water wheel. There is also the opportunity to wash in a two-storey wooden club house.

Upon entering the Big Brother house on Thursday, the housemates will be presented by a grand, sweeping staircase, which has been designed so the housemates can’t quite see the house. They will think they’re going into a luxury house for 9 weeks over the summer, but as soon as they get to the bottom of the stairs, they’ll realise it’s a different story.


Before entering the main house, the housemates will see a wall of different coloured doors. We’ve been told these doors lead off to different rooms, but they won’t be used as of yet. Some of the doors will randomly open throughout the series unveiling the secret rooms.

Moving into the main living area, it is all open plan and seems very large. Big Brother has gone for a wooden décor-type house this year, complete with a floorboard-type flooring. You instantly get the green, self-sufficient theme that the show is going for this year.


The housemates will also have direct access to the kitchen upon entering the open-plan living area which is curved and features some very uncomfortable-looking seats which are made of old bike saddles, which the housemates must sit on and eat their meals.

However, if it all gets a bit too much for the housemates, there is a round dining table featuring sixteen seats which the housemates can sit at and have a chat.


Moving onto the bedroom, it seems very basic this year, no room for luxury anywhere as the beds look really uncomfortable. What we have noticed as well is there are a set of yellow beds on one side of the room and a set of blue beds on the opposite side – are we going to have a boy/girl split this year? Not only that, there’s a wall of foreign books in the bedroom – what could this mean?

Not forgetting the black bicycle that is featured in the bedroom. This isn’t Big Brother’s idea of a gym – oh no. Throughout the series, housemates will have to use the bike to power the electricity in the house.


There doesn’t seem there’s anywhere for the housemates to neatly put their clothes and personal items this year, as the back wall features loads of tiny slots in which the housemates will be able to store some items. At present, it’s filled with old suitcases.

The garden has also had a major overhaul this year which see’s the return of the jail for any misbehaving housemates and the mangle is back so the housemates can hand wash their clothes.  However, you will notice there’s a new two-storey snug in the garden this year which the housemates will be able to use if they want to hide away… or get up to something!


On the opposite side of the garden the housemates will find several different plant holders, as the housemates will have to grow their own veg this year.

There is no swimming pool or hot tub this year – not visible to the naked eye anyway. It has been teased that if the housemates look close enough, they may find one. We think it may be hiding under the raised platform in the garden which can be seen in the pictures, below.


There’s just one room we’re missing… the Diary Room. As can be seen in the living area, there’s a white cover leading up from the Diary Room button, which makes it appear the Diary Room is upstairs. It has already been teased from sources that it will be up near the entrance this year, but only time will tell.

The house has a very old, stripped back feel to it. It seems very sparse, especially with the floorboard-type flooring, and the red beams that are seen all over the place. It makes it feel like a warehouse and as though the house needs a bit of TLC, but that is the theme Big Brother is going for this year. The housemates must know that this is no relaxing holiday for them. Big Brother means business this year.

Check out the full set of pictures, below:

Big Brother: Secrets & Lies kicks off on Thursday, 13th June at 9pm on Channel 5/HD.


Nick Barnes

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