Big Brother 2013: Sallie Axl & Gina Rio make amends as Sallie tells Gina: “You’ve really grown on me”


It would seem that Sallie Axl and Gina Rio have finally made amends after both girls were on the war path on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Since the two arguments, the girls haven’t really spoken to one another, but after a couple of drinks last night, they both finally made amends with Sallie telling Gina: “You’ve really grown on me”.

They’re far from being BFF’s, but they’re definitely being civil to each other… for the moment! Couple the drink with the possibility of being evicted and there you have it, two new friends, but how long will it last?

Sallie said to Gina: “You know what, babe, you’ve really, really grown on me, honestly”.

Gina half-heartedly started her reply with “I know” before Sallie butted in and said “I like you quite a lot”.

sallie axl big brother 2013

Gina continued: “That’s what I said in the Diary Room as well, and I said that yesterday. I was like ‘Oh My God’, I actually do like her, this is really weird”.

Maybe Sallie should take that as a back-handed compliment as it’s possibly the best she’s getting off Gina.

Sallie continued: “No but honestly, I’ve said that upstairs [in the Diary Room], I didn’t think I’d ever get on with you at all, like point blank!

“Then I’m like ‘Where do you go for dinner?’ – same place. ‘Where do you go on a night out?’ – same place, ‘What’s your favourite film when you was younger?’ – same film”.

Oh my, they go out partying in the same place, they liked the same film when they were younger. Pass me the tissues, this is the start of something special!

Now I’ve dried my eyes, if you missed their arguments on Friday evening and Saturday morning… where have you been?

gina rio big brother 2013

Only a few hours after stepping foot in the house on Friday, Gina received the first warning of the series when she went to snatch Sallie’s beanie off her head. Gina was a bit cheesed off that her makeup wipes had been removed from her suitcase, and Sallie piped up that it wasn’t nearly as bad as having no clothes to wear.

Saturday morning, Sallie felt the need to exude her dominance in the house by reminding Gina to never talk to her in the same tone again, which kicked off another HUGE fuss, in which Gina told Sallie: “You’re skid mark of society! You’re rubbish”.

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

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