Big Brother 2013: Sallie Axl & Gina Rio show some love about nominations & Wolfy Millington takes the risk of trying to walk in Gina’s Louboutin’s


It has been a rather bizarre 24 hours in the Big Brother house. We’ve had Dexter let off the hook from Friday’s impending first eviction of the series, we’ve had nominations talk from Sallie who has also bonded some more with Gina. Not to mention, we’ve had Wolfy in a pair of Gina’s Louboutin heels!

Last night in the garden following on from the whole shebang of Dexter being saved from Friday’s eviction, Sallie had a chat with Wolfy and Gina about Friday. Wolfy tried to reassure Sallie that she “isn’t going anywhere”.

Sallie gave her opinion: “She’s [Gina] going to stay, she’s going to be a dark horse! If I stayed people would be very f**ked off, two people would be very f**ked off – Dexter and what’s his name? Michael… Michael did say to me ‘I want you to go on Friday’.

“Look at me, trust me if I go, never trust him, put him up for eviction or whatever, just don’t trust him [Michael]”.


Although Gina may be the most spoilt brat in Britain – and sometimes she shows her true colours – it seems she has made up with Sallie and is bonding well with her. BUT, could it all be a ploy so people will vote to evict Sallie ahead of Friday’s eviction?

Gina, who seems rather horrified admitted: “I actually can’t believe I like people now. It’s really strange”.

Sallie, rather childishly asked: “Am I one of the most people you like now? Am I in the top four?”

Gina replied: “Yeah, it’s weird. It’s really, really weird!”

The conversation then turned to nominations with Sallie saying even though the pair had their bust-up the other night, she didn’t think Gina would have nominated her anyway if the whole house had to nominate.

She said: “I don’t think you would have nominated me”.

Gina added: “You know that day when I actually thought we were going to have to nominate face-to-face, I was really scared as I didn’t actually want to nominate you. I was actually really scared. I had it in my head that ‘I didn’t want to not nominate her but then if she nominates me because then I’d feel like a complete idiot’”.


Sallie admitted: “I can say now, I wouldn’t have nominated you that day”.

Then the conversation just went to pot and got a tad weird.

Wolfy piped up out of the blue: “I’m the golden gay and you [Gina] are my sexy straight!”

Possibly on an unrelated note, Gina said: “I don’t want to drink anymore, I feel like I’m going to vomit!”

Meanwhile, Wolfy tried on Gina’s Louboutin’s last night in the garden and for the life of her, she couldn’t stand up in them, nevermind walk anywhere in them.

Upon trying them on and standing up in them, Callum said, ever so brazenly: “Make sure you don’t snap the heels!”

gina rio

Wolfy went on to say that all she wanted were her flip flops back – those heels really aren’t made for walking in, are they Wolfy?

Nick Barnes

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