Big Brother 2013: Hurricane Sallie rips through the house and calls Dexter Koh a snake & promises to make Michael Dylan’s life “a living misery”

Sallie and Dexter.


It all got a bit tense in the house last night as Dexter was saved from Friday evening’s impending first eviction of the series.

And, as we know, when something doesn’t go Sallie’s way, the daggers come out and the whole compound has to know about it – with last night’s result being no different. She erupted and told Dexter he was a snake and made Michael aware that if he survives Friday’s eviction, she will make his live a living misery! Tonight’s episode is going to be good!

Last night, as fans of the show will have seen, Dexter was saved from this week’s first eviction. The three housemates had to stand up and give a plea to Michael as to why they should stay in the house for at least another week. The housemates thought Michael had the power to save one of them, but the housemate with the least number of public votes was let off the hook.

Now, during Dexter’s plea, he revealed that during yesterday’s task he wrote the suggestion that Dan should stop bitching and should give Michael a break instead of being on his back all the time about him potentially being an actor. Dan questioned that if Dexter really was Michael’s friend and cared about him, why didn’t he tell him face-to-face, instead he used his friendship with Michael as he thought it would get him off the hook – but little did he know, Michael wasn’t really making the decision.

Dexter reacts to the nominations.

This prompted Sallie to completely erupt and go bat-crap crazy telling Dexter he was a snake and was weak.

She said: “I’m not clapping him because I think you’re an absolute snake. And I was right. I think now it’s more competition on. Because I think you were the weaker person. And I thought you were gonna go.”

Dexter replied: “What, weaker because I stuck up for somebody who’s had a bad time this week?”

Sallie added: “No, I think you’re the weaker person in the group. The weakest…………Every time I see you now I’m gonna go ‘ssssssss’.”

Meawhile in the Diary Room, Dexter told Big Brother: “I never ever, ever, ever thought that Michael was gonna say, I actually thought, even though I had put my head on the line by being honest with Dan that I thought that he was going to save Gina. I really really did. It’s amazing in this place how loyalties change, divides change and it really truly is an amazing experience but you’re just twisting everyone’s head up so much they just don’t know what to believe. This whole secrets and lies thing is just crazy. Absolutely crazy.”


Elsewhere in the kitchen, Sallie was still on her war path and told Michael that she was going to make his life a misery if she stayed on Friday.

Sallie said: “So you think I’m gonna go? Would you be happy about that?”

Michael replied: “Yes, honestly I will. I would be very happy because the last few days have been hell with you. I haven’t liked it at all”.

Sallie, slowly bubbling over said: “I have just told you what I think. I have always been really nice. I have spoken to you because I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable. I still think you’re an actor”.

Michael told her that when she’s evicted on Friday, she will be able to watch the show back and actually see the truth.

She retorted: “I hope I stay because I’m gonna make your life a living misery”.

sallie axl, michael dylan

Michael replied: “And I’ll fight back!”

Ohhh IT’S ON! It’s such a shame that Michael may be leaving the house on Friday as it could get messy in there… keep him in BB!

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