Big Brother 2013: Sallie’s reckless behaviour costs the housemates a delicious dinner, Gina & Michael have a dinner date

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On tonight’s highlight’s show, fans will see more of Sallie’s reckless behaviour as she causes the housemates to lose out on a delicious dinner.

Food at the moment is quite scarce in the house, so the housemates would have loved a big, delicious dinner, but Sallie being Sallie couldn’t help herself and messed the whole task up.

As part of a task yesterday, Michael was given a box of treats by Big Brother – filled with chocolate, sweets and biscuits. However, he was told that the treats were only for him and if any of the other housemates ate from the box, the whole house would be punished.

Sallie announced to the group that she wanted to eat the treats and didn’t care about the consequences. She even tried to convince her housemates that if they too ate the treats then they’d somehow pass the said task. She went on to dip her fingers in the box and ate one of the sweets… the housemates looked on in horror knowing a punishment was coming.

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For passing yesterday’s ABC-CRETS task, the housemates were going to be served a delicious dinner, but because Sallie couldn’t keep her mitts out of the box of treats, the dinner was taken away from the housemates, and the mood sank to an all-time low.

Later that evening, Michael was told that he could take one housemate for a private dinner in the treehouse, in which he chose Gina as she had been a bit down and he hadn’t gotten the chance to get to know her properly yet.

This decision, as we all would expect, annoyed a certain Sallie Axl…

During the dinner, Gina said: “I was shocked you chose me”.

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Michael replied: “It’s because I haven’t really gotten to know you. How are you finding it? You seem stressed…”

Gina confided in him: “It’s really weird for me still; I’m trying to get used to it. I had in my head earlier that I wanted to leave, but now I don’t”.

Big Brother continues at 9PM this evening on Channel 5/HD.

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