Big Brother 2013: Sam Evans erupts at Dexter Koh and Sophie Lawrence after watching bitchy footage in the Safe House

sam evans
As part of yesterday’s task, Dexter had to host an evening of Magic and Mystery and his headlining trick was to make one housemate disappear.

The said housemate turned out to be Sam Evans, and much to the housemates’ surprise Sam actually disappeared, but he wasn’t very far away – in fact, he was sat in the Safe House at the bottom of the garden watching footage of the housemates.

Upon returning to the main house last night after his time in the Safe House, he ended up blowing up at both Dexter Koh and Sophie Lawrence after he’d seen clips of them bitching about him.

One of the clips he saw was Dexter saying that Sam had told him not to talk to him following Callum’s departure from the house, but as far as Sam was aware, he didn’t say anything like that.

Approaching Dexter in the Garden, Sam said: “There’s just one thing I want to get clear now, right. You said that when you came to me when Callum was evicted, you said I said ‘No, don’t come to talk to me’. I did not say that, I said specifically the words ‘Dexter, don’t feel any need to come and talk to me because Callum’s gone and it’s done, I just don’t want you to feel like you have to come and talk to me because my best mate’s gone’.”

Dexter replied: “Yeah I understand what you’re saying but you have to understand the way that I’ve said it was because the way you said it to me, I felt like you said ‘Don’t just come and talk to me because Callum’s gone’.”

dexter koh

Sam explained: “But did I say them words? That’s rude. I said don’t feel the need that you have to talk to me because Callum’s gone”.

Trying to dig himself out of the hole, Dexter continued: “It’s like a difference with words, but what I meant was I was coming to talk to you because I wanted to come and talk to you, not just because Callum had gone. I wanted to come and talk to you because I felt for you, that’s just what I said”.

Meanwhile, it didn’t stop there as Sam was well and truly on a war path last night. He also had a bone or two to pick with Sophie Lawrence.

He said: “You said that I said that we don’t get along at all. I did not say ‘at all’ at all, I promise you.”

Sophie, sure of herself said: “Hand on my heart and on my mother’s life – I would never swear on my mother’s life – you said to me ‘We do not connect at all’ and that’s how you said it. So then I spoke to Charlie after and I said to Charlie ‘I’m disappointed’ because we were in the Safe House together and on the first night we were in the Safe House we was in the bath joking and laughing and I said ‘I don’t think we’re similar’ and you said ‘Really? I think we are’.

Trying to pull back on his brash attitude a tad, Sam told her: “Maybe it’s a personality clash?”

sam evans sophie lawrence big brother 2013

Sophie, who was beginning to smoke said: “But then I said I’m disappointed because I personally thought that we was getting on and then when you told me… It’s not necessarily that we don’t get on but I think it’s you, it’s your problem and this is what I was saying in the Diary Room, I have no problem with you at all. I’ve never said a bad word about you”.

Oh dear, it seems that Sam has finally lost the plot in the house. You can see the fallout from last night’s task on this evening’s highlight’s show at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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  1. granny di on August 4, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Sam’s a nice bloke but listening to Callum has made him have it in for Dexter. He is carrying on from where Callum left off. He may not have said the exact words that Dexter said but if he had said spoken those words to me I would have interprated it in the same way.

  2. trisha on August 5, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    I am totally shocked by the above persons comments, Dextor is conniving and twists everything that is said, by twisting the words it sounds so different. Sam is probably the nicest and most genuine person in the house. I think the housemates have treated him so badly it actually borders on bullying, as they did Callum

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