Big Brother 2013: SECRET bedroom unintentionally revealed on Bit on the Side, large and small task rooms make return


This evening on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, it sees the producers have made a bit of a boo boo with one of the segments by unintentionally revealing that there is indeed a secret bedroom lurking in the house.

In one segment of tonight’s show, one of the guests had to demonstrate “auras” in the house by using a map of the compound, in which the secret bedroom and the two task rooms were unveiled.

It seems the secret bedroom can house five housemates with two double beds and one single bed. There is a large bathroom, a shower and two baths in the room.

The pictures also revealed that there is a large taskroom – which looks very large this year – and a small task room.

It would appear that the door on the side of the stairs leads to the large task room and the small task room can be accessed via the Diary Room.


However, what isn’t explained is what the doors near the entrance lead to as Emma stated on launch night that some of the doors will open throughout the series. Unfortunately, the map did not document what may be lurking behind those doors.

There is also a gym, but we presume from previous years that it will only be unlocked for CBB.

Also, as there is no bathroom at the moment, it could be the case that the secret bedroom is turned into a bathroom for the celebrity housemates who will be entering the house later this year for Celebrity Big Brother, as there’s a shower and two baths in there.

The secret bedroom can be accessed via the garden.


I bet one of the Bit on the Side producers will be being handed their P45 in the morning for revealing the secrets that lie within…

Are you intrigued by the secret bedroom? What do you think could lie behind the doors in the entrance area?

Nick Barnes

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