Big Brother 2013: Shopping Task Overview – The housemates become working bees on a honey production line as Gina Rio becomes Queen Bee


For this week’s shopping task, the house has been turned into a busy working beehive in which the housemates must work tirelessly to ensure there is enough honey for their queen.

The housemate they have to keep sweet? Gina Rio has become the queen Bee and she is the head of the hive. She must be treated like a goddess at all times by her other housemates.

How It Works

Gina has become the Queen Bee for this week’s task and will reign supreme over the other working bees in the house.

A series of orders for honey will be placed by Big Brother over the course of the two days. Big Brother will state a target amount of honey jars which must be produced by the end of the shift. However, Big Brother will also give the housemates treats in exchange for any extra honey jars that are produced. This is a secret, mind, so the Queen Bee and Big Brother can see how hard the workers will work.

If Big Brother orders 100 jars of honey, it may be that if the housemates actually make 150 jars, the queen and her guards will win a luxury meal. It is up to Gina to decide whether she wants the housemates to make 150 jars so she can have a luxury treat or if she just wants them to stick to the obligatory 100 jars.


The Roles

Queen Bee

Gina has been chosen as a Queen Bee. She is the head of the hive and must be treated like a goddess by the other bees. Her throne will have a direct view to the production line so she can see the workers and they can see her luxury lifestyle.


Charlie has been chosen by Gina to become a guard, whose job it is to keep the workers in order. The guard, along with the Queen Bee will tell the workers how many jars of honey they must produce in a day. They can also lie about the amount so they can get extra treats.

charlie travers

Worker Bees

The worker bees will have to work continuously, taking only strict scheduled breaks and eating basic rations. They will have to carry out any tasks which involve looking after the queen. The workers will be wearing shock pads which the Queen Bee will control. If she does not think the workers and working hard enough, she can give them a shock in the right direction.

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