Big Brother 2013: Sooo, two weeks in, who do we like or loathe? Wolfy Millington’s irritating me, but Gina Rio’s ok…

wolfy millington

Today is Day 18 in the Big Brother house, so we thought it was maybe time to have a catch-up with you luverly peeps to find out who you’re liking or loathing now that we’ve got to know the latest crop of housemates a bit better…

So who’s annoying the bejesus out of you? And who are you tipping to win already?

I have to say, for me, there have been some surprises in the liking or loathing stakes, and most notably so with student Wolfy Millington, who I really took a liking to at first but now, well, not so much…

For me, what tipped the scales over Wolfy was her recent row with Charlie Travers over “the F bomb” which of course refers to Charlie having said she felt “fat” which Wolfy took as some kind of personal insult.

In last night’s highlights show, we that saw Wolfy finally deigned to speak with Charlie over the debacle, and during their chat, Wolfy told Charlie it was “okay to say you’ve put weight on” but very much not okay to say the word fat…

So just who exactly died and elected Wolfy boss of who can say what to whom and when?

During their original row, Wolfy exposed her abdomen and spat at Charlie, “I wake up to this every day. You don’t!”

Then dude, step away from the pies!

Now, I feel confident that I can stray from the path of PC sensitivity over this because I am myself overweight – but (woohoo) have lost 21lbs in the last few weeks; just wanted to drop that in there – but the fact is, it’s not Charlie’s fault that Wolfy’s overweight, and it’s not Wolfy’s right to comment on Charlie’s eating – or the lack thereof – habits…

wolfy big brother 2013

People who are slim are most often that way because they’re disciplined in what they eat, and that’s fine, that’s their choice. People who are overweight are most often that way because they are not, and that’s fine, that’s their choice. But don’t blast someone for making a lifestyle choice you yourself have not.

Had Charlie ever said, “Damn Wolfy you’re fat! Maybe put down the doughnut?” then fair enough, she would’ve had cause to complain about being punched right in the feelings, but that didn’t happen.

Unless Wolfy has a medical reason for weight gain, then the fact is – just like me and millions of others – she’s overweight because she eats more calories than she burns off. End of.

So I thought it was wholly wrong for her to make Charlie feel bad about her remark, which wasn’t actually aimed at Wolfy at all.

Ok, so that rant’s over, and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that debacle.

As to who I’m liking, and I’m very much surprised to say, it’s Gina Rio…

gina rio big brother 2013

When she first went into the house, I couldn’t stand the sight of her. Her voice annoyed me, her attitude annoyed me, and the fact that she looks like a ventriloquist dummy – thanks to zero lip movement – if she speaks while smiling angered me beyond reason.

However, she’s proved to be a fairly good sport, to wit, drinking fermented herring and being tipped upside down, and she’s not afraid to put a point across, but isn’t as out and out bitchy and dismissive of other people as I’d first feared she would be.

Have you changed your opinion of Gina? Or anyone else for that matter?

Let us know, but for now, here’s a look at the latest house action…



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