Big Brother 2013: Sophie Lawrence gets given a secret mission, but the housemates are in on it and must make her fail (TASK RESOLVE)

sophie lawrence

This afternoon, Sophie Lawrence has been given a secret mission in which she must get each of her fellow housemates to do something for her.

But, little does she know that Big Brother has briefed the housemates on her secret mission and the real task is for them to make her fail.

How It Works

Sophie must ask each of her fellow housemates to do something for her. Big Brother has told her that if she fulfils the majority of her secret missions, she will win a prize for herself.

However, what Sophie doesn’t realise is that the rest of the housemates are in on her little secret and they have been told to scupper her secret mission. They have to make sure she fails each and every one of her missions, no matter how hard she tries to pass it. If they successfully ensure that Sophie fails all of her missions, they will all win a prize, including Sophie.

Here are Sophie’s missions:

–          She needs to get Dexter to say Thank you

–          She must secure a high five from Hazel

–          She needs to play a game of catch with Sam

–          She needs to get so upset that Charlie asks her what’s wrong

–          She must make Gina give her a make over

–          She needs to chatter so much that Jack and Joe tell her to shut up

gina rio

The Results

Here’s how the housemates did:

–          Dexter refused to say thank you – PASS

–          Hazel didn’t high five her – PASS

–          Sam refused to play catch – PASS

–          Charlie didn’t ask her what was wrong, even when she cried – PASS

–          Jack and Joe wouldn’t tell her to shut up – PASS

–          Gina helped Sophie to do her hair – FAIL

As Gina failed her part of the task, the whole group failed and have therefore won zilch!


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