Big Brother 2013: Sophie Lawrence in tears when her boyfriend goes into the house! And Gina Rio’s hilarious reaction to sheep invasion! (VIDEO)

gina rio 2 big brother 2013

As we reported recently, the Big Brother housemates are currently trying their best to win a luxury shopping budget this week with new shopping task, Remote Control…

In a nutshell, the housemates – when prompted by a variety of remote control noises – must either rewind their actions, fast forward them, pause and therefore freeze-frame, or play, which basically means carrying on as they were.

And the task has already seen a number of brilliant scenes, including one yesterday when a flock of sheep invaded the house and garden, prompting paused Gina Rio to make one of the best scared faces I’ve ever seen! She looked like she was on the cast of Dead Set rather than merely encountering a few woolly jumpers. The only thing that may have improved her reaction is if the Jaws ‘duh duh… duh duh duh’ music had been played.

dexter big brother 2013

And as if that wasn’t funny enough – you can see the clip below – she then stood in sheep poo, which I can tell you from experience creates one of THE worst smells ever!

But also during one ‘pause’ moment yesterday, housemate Sophie Lawrence – who we just don’t see enough of in my opinion – was moved to tears when her boyfriend walked into the house.

sophie big brother 2013

During the touching moments, her boyfriend reassured Sophie that her family and friends are all well and proud of her, and he added, “I love you so much. More than you will ever understand.”

As Sophie tried desperately hard not to move a muscle, her lovely beau then leaned over and kissed her tenderly on the cheek before departing.

But be warned, unless you’ve got a heart of stone or glass eyes, there will be tearing up when you see the clip…



And finally, last night, BB treated the housemates to a party, but of course, as it was part of the task, there was a twist and within minutes of the party starting, the housemates were told to rewind to 45 minutes prior, which saw them all hustling in a frenzy to try and remember where they were and what they were doing!

big brother party 2013

We’ll of course see more coverage of that in tonight’s BB highlights show.

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