Big Brother 2013: Sophie Lawrence & Sam Evans choose Dan Neal to join them in the Safe House meaning Dan, Sam & Sophie face eviction this week

It has been revealed this evening that Dan Neal will join Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans as they face this Friday’s fifth eviction.

On Friday, the housemates were told to pick two new housemates to live a life of luxury in the Big Brother Safe House and the new inhabitants would be immune from next week’s eviction. However, that was a lie. The housemates chose to send Sam Evans and Sophie Lawrence to the safe house and unbeknownst to the housemates, the pair would in fact be put up for eviction this week.

In the live element of this evening’s show, Sophie and Sam had the power to choose one more housemate to join them in the Safe House – the twist? They will too face eviction this Friday.

Over the last couple of days, the pair shortlisted three housemates they wanted to join them in the Safe House, in which they chose Callum Knell, Dan Neal and Jack & Joe Glenny.

The three housemates were then in turn asked questions in the Diary Room by Big Brother that had been created by both Sam and Sophie in a bid to assess who they would like to join them in the Safe House.

The chosen housemates were asked questions such as who they think will be evicted on Friday, who they want to be evicted on Friday and if they could swap places with Sam and Sophie, would they?


This evening, Big Brother lied once again and told the house that everyone apart from Sophie and Sam face eviction this week. Sophie and Sam then chose Dan to join them in the safe house, in which they were told he would also be safe this week.

However, Big Brother failed to notify the housemates that the proceedings are the other way around and that Dan, Sam and Sophie will face the public vote this week.

Will Big Brother reveal the twist to the housemates OR will they shock the house to the core by evicting one of the trio on Friday without telling them about the twist beforehand?

Nick Barnes

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  1. granny di on July 23, 2013 at 8:19 am

    Sorry that Dan was chosen. He gets on my wick sometimes and I don’t want him to win but I did hope he would make the final. I don’t think enough people will vote for Sophie or Sam to keep him in. Mind you I’ve seen a different side to Sophie since she’s been in the ‘safe’ house so who knows. I hoped Callum would have been the chosen one then he would have definately gone. Have you noticed how blinks his eyes when he’s talking sometimes. I know someone who does exactly the same thing when they are telling lies. This person can’t understand how I know when they are fibbing and I’m not about to tell them. Just watch Callum and you’ll see what I mean.

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