Big Brother 2013: Suggestion Box Task – Housemates get the opportunity to write down bitchy comments and tell each other how they feel about one another


Tonight’s task is going to rock the boat even more as the housemates have been given the chance to reveal exactly how they feel about their fellow housemates.

As part of this evening’s task, the housemates must write down bitchy comments (ahem, constructive criticism) and put them in a suggestions box. Fortunately for them – and unfortunate for us – the housemates get to remain anonymous.

How It Works

The Housemates will be given the chance to write anonymous suggestions to each other and post them in a suggestions box. Housemates will be given 45 minutes to choose two different Housemates to write suggestions for/have a dig at.

Housemates are told that their suggestions will be completely anonymous and they are encouraged to use this as a chance to make constructive criticisms and say things that they may find difficult to say face to face.

The suggestions will then be revealed to the house later today.

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We just know that this is going to cause war in the house as I predict Gina and Sallie are going to end up with the most suggestions, which is only going to give Sallie her 347th reason to kick off so far this series.

Tomorrow night’s show should prove to be entertaining, as we all know that the housemates aren’t going to jot down nice little constructive critiques of their fellow housemates, sealed with a kiss… they’re going to be full on!

Meanwhile, we’re going to be going LIVE to the Big Brother house once again this evening during tonight’s highlight’s package. The nominated housemates – Gina Rio, Sallie Axl, Dexter Koh – have the opportunity to give Michael a plea as to why they should be saved. They’re under the impression that Michael has the power to save one of them from Friday evening’s first eviction, but little do they know, their fate has already been decided by the public vote. The housemate with the least number of votes so far will be let off the hook.

You will be able to see the task in its entirety on tomorrow evening’s show at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Who do you think will gain the most ‘suggestions’? Do you think they will be constructive or do you think this is an opportunity for the housemates to have an anonymous dig at each other?

Nick Barnes

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  1. Laura Haig on August 5, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    I think the housemates should be given a task that would be very scary. We should make them go back to school and pass their French test. If all the girls complete their test they get a spa in the secret room and they get to go there any time of the day or night. We keep this a secret from the boys, shoosh.
    If the boys pass their test they win a pub in another secret room. They can go there any day any night. We keep this a secret from the girls. If they all pass the test they get a pass which lets them enter the safe house. The housemate who gets the highest score gets to stay in the other secret scary house. This scary house is under the ground. The person who goes in there cant get out. Its up to the public if they can get out. The housemate put in the scary house will be put up for complete torture and they are put in there with another actor who tries to break into the big brother house. What will the housemates do!!!

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